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Great lake explorer

The new tour bus in town

Great Lake Explorer is a new shuttle bus service in Taupo taking you to the local attractions in a convenient tour. 


There are so many great reasons why visitors come to Taupo, and we want to help show you the best of the region by making local transport even easier for you. 


Starting at Taupo iSite, the bus will complete circuits of Taupo's main tourist attractions. For $30 per day, get unlimited access to the service, hopping on and hopping off, anywhere, anytime during the day. 


The Great Lake Explorer will take you to the following locations: 

  • Huka Falls 

  • Craters of the Moon

  • Heli Adventure Flights

  • Huka Honey Hive 

  • Rock & Ropes 

  • Shooters Golf Range

  • Huka Prawn Park

  • Huka Jet 

  • Taupo Wake Park 

  • Wairakei Terraces

  • Lava Glass 

  • Aratiatia Dam 

  • Huka Falls River Cruise

  • Rapids Jet

Great Lake Explorer, Great Lake Taxis
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